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A little about me....

My name is Larri (Evgenia) Sideris and I have been teaching Greek in Nottingham for the past 20 years.

Present Career

I started teaching Greek in Berkshire in the eighties whilst studying at the University of Reading (later to graduate from the University of Nottingham) and I completed my teaching diploma whilst in Berkshire. I have Greek classes on the Interfaculty Language Programme at the University of Nottingham on the main campus and also on the Evening Class Programme.

Career Hightlights

I worked as Language Consultant to the BBC in the Talk Greek television series for BBC2's Learning Zone, and as Editorial Consultant on the revised update of Greek Language & People, the BBC publication for learners of Modern Greek. I have also taught intensive Greek on various Ministry of Defence assignments.(to ambassadors and military personnel), and I won the AIOLIS Greek Language & Culture Organisation scholarship (as non-native Teacher of Modern Greek) which entailed participating in their Summer 2012 programme in Mytilene, Lesvos, for those involved in Greek teaching, interpreting and translating.

In August 2014, I participated in the Teacher Training Workshop organised by the Hellenic Culture Centre in Megalochori, Santorini. I interpreted during the cultural excursions for those with limited Greek, and acted as observer and teaching assistant during language classes and workshops, reporting back to all teachers and discussing teaching methodologies and resources with them. With my experience in adult teaching, I felt appreciated as an asset to the Centre whilst I also gained much knowledge and new ideas in respect of online resources, grammar materials and language games.

Professional Member of SMGS

I am a long-standing member of the Society for Modern Greek Studies and I have been an official interpreter/translator for Greek/English in the East Midlands for approximately 25 years. Also I am Examiner/Interlocutor for GCSE and Institute of Linguists oral examinations.

My Contacts

I retain close links with the Universities of Athens and Rethymnon, Crete, via my mentors: Michael Kasotakis (Professor of Linguistics & Philology) and Dr. Georgia Katsimali (lecturer and author/consultant for the Greek Organisation of Educational Publications).


I believe in a 'total immersion' approach to learning a language, wherein the culture of the country is enjoyed to its full. My students range in age from 5 to 85. Being a keen member of a local Greek Dance Group, I encourage my language students to learn at least a few dances! The traditional food, music and hospitality are also high on our agenda in the form of Greek Evenings and parties which are solely for the benefit of those learning Greek and not for our professional purposes.